The Lost Files

by Freckle Face

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Last week my laptop was stolen, I lost a graveyard of my creations and my ability to record. But with DESTRUCTION comes CREATION and I refuse to see anything other than the silver linings. After scrubbing through an ungodly amount of emails, I managed to recover this compilation of songs to create The Lost Freckle Face Files, all written and recorded circa 2014-2016. Thank you for listening and hanging in there while I have been M.I.A. I have suffered a lot of loss in a blip of time, human beings and beloved creations...but death is rebirth and a lot of things are coming, a lot of squares are becoming circles.



released January 7, 2017

thank you to the thieves who have robbed me
I wouldn't be a circle without my list of losses



all rights reserved


Freckle Face Rancho Cucamonga, California

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Track Name: Third Face
I'm getting sick of spending my family dinner time crying in the bathroom wishing that I could press rewind
I've got to get rid of this feeling inside 
It's getting much too difficult to hide
Track Name: Half Hart
I would run away with you if I could find a place to not be so afraid
I close my eyes and pretend I'm someone else because I can't be left alone all by myself

blah blah blah

Small blinks of insanity
Help us keep originality 
So please, don't boo at me
Track Name: The Long Goodbye
He looked at me kinda sideways and said, "human beings are the only creatures on earth that claim a god, and the only living thing that behaves like it hasn't got one".

I'd prefer a million lonely nights to every night disappointed by you 
I'm so sorry that I'm so shallow, but I can't stand it when we fight
I never said that you didn't feel like home, I just said that I prefer to be alone and I always get what I want because I'm a spoiled brat, raised in the suburbs of Southern California, I really should've warned ya
They say you're supposed to love each other flaws, and I left because mine were the definition of your depression, or at least that's what you said, that it toyed with your head and that my life didn't begin until I met ya
I can't sign over the rights to my life, although I love you, this is the reason, that I can't be your wife
Track Name: Deconstruct
They sacrifice our lives for a couple of dimes
And I wake up tired all the time
Not sure what's the cure but I'd like to find it sometime
I'm sick of being blind
It's in the water
It's in the air
It's in the boxes 
And the squares
That you stare at everyday, don't listen to what they say
Track Name: 5 Fingers
How many times can you tell the same story before it starts to get boring?
I have lost count
And I only have so many fingers to count on, and I have run out of fingers to count on
And I can't seem to forget you no matter what
I think I've lost touch and I'm kinda sad, but I guess I'm more glad that we don't have to keep on losing
Every morning, another struggle, I stay because I love you, and I know it's not easy
Getting to where you need to go even though you should go home 
Hard to listen to your voice when you've been wrong so many times 
Track Name: Noose Youth
There was so much more life in our eyes back in 2005 
Now we've all been here and there and contemplated suicide
Wondered what life might be like if we all just grew the courage and died
Back in primary school, playing tether ball, barely old enough to tie our shoes but I swear we had it all
Walking in a circle in the quad every Halloween, playing four square, not worried about our hair, not worried about what we wear
There was so much more life in our eyes back in 2005 
Now we've all been here and there and contemplated suicide 
Thought about what life might be like if we all grew the courage and died
But I'm still gonna be here tomorrow